Don’t take our word for it! Take our customers. Take a look at some of the wonderful letters we have received from some of our previous clients.

Our thanks to you & please share with Joe and Bob for a job well done and with so little disruption to daily life at the house!
-Chuck and Jill
Dear Tom and Karen,
One of the many benefits I have as a general contractor is to receive feedback from my clients. Frequently….very frequently I am told how much they enjoy working with you. They cite very specific examples, among them “honesty, trust, and expertise.” My only response, besides the obvious “thank you”, is to reiterate to them that Bachman Homes in reality IS our trades. We all belong to the same company. I appreciate the many things your company does for us that often go unnoticed. Allow me to recognize this, please! It’s all about service- this is why we have conducted business with you for so long and will continue to do so. It is a pleasure to be affiliated with Housewire. I trust that you will pass on my gratitude to the rest of your staff. Thank you, Tom and Karen.
Many thanks for your concern and your highly professional work. I appreciate it.
– M
Tom and Crew,
Thank you for the wonderful job on the basement. We are delighted!
– Kate